Payroll Services

Consistent management of your business’ financials – including payroll – plays a key role in the long-term success of the operation. While most businesses start with a good grasp of payroll, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with time-consuming payroll processes as the business grows. At AJ Cunningham & Associates, we offer the payroll services your Escondido business needs, and we are conveniently located on 5th Avenue for easy collaboration between you and our team.

What Our Payroll Services Include

Help getting payment to your employees…

Employee Direct Deposit Setup

Allow us to handle the arduous task of getting direct deposit set up for your employees. We streamline the process, double-check documents, and eliminate the time it takes for you to make the transition from paper checks to more modern paydays.

Payroll Check Printing

Skip the time-consuming task of tallying payroll every week and printing paper checks for employees. We handle ensuring all employees are paid what they expect in a timely manner.

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Help with payroll tax compliance

Payroll Tax Compliance, e-Filing, and Tax Payments

Dealing with payroll tax compliance and e-filing the proper documents can take a lot of time, and simple mistakes can make these tasks even more burdensome. Our managed payroll services will help ensure your payroll tax compliance as we e-file your payroll tax documents and submit tax payments on your behalf.

W-2, W-3, and 1099 Processing

At AJ Cunningham & Associates, we offer many tax services outside of payroll services. Therefore, we already have the expertise needed to ensure tax documents are properly filled out and filed. Our payroll services include distributing W-2s and 1099s, as well as filing the proper W-3s.

Help with payroll reporting

Payroll Reporting by Employee or Department

Our in-house team of professionals will make sure all aspects of payroll are properly reported. Whether you need reports on individual employees or full departments, we can provide the financial numbers you need to gain a clear picture of your business.

Payroll Tax Reports

Need payroll tax reports that disclose wages paid to your business employees and how much federal income taxes are withheld? As the service provider handling your payroll, we can offer timely, accurate tax reports as they are needed. We can also help you file these reports.

Opt for Payroll Services and Get Back to Business

Ready to free up time so your team can focus on getting back to business? We are happy to build the payroll service plan that works best for the needs of your business. Contact AJ Cunningham & Associates today to get a conversation started about how we can help make that happen.